All agents are not the same, discover the difference.


We are the most experienced Advisors in the region, with over 15 years of property experience ranging from design and construction, to property marketing and sales. We have actively worked in the Surf Coast, Bellarine Peninsula and Geelong region and can expertly assist you with the sale of your property.

We offer practical experience and understand how agents operate. We remove the 'smoke and mirrors'.

It is paramount that the best agent is appointed with the sale of your property, and there are many factors involved when choosing an agent. We can help home sellers avoid common mistakes, with thorough and detailed processes in place to guide you through every crucial step.

When selling your home, there are no costs to use our professional service.

Coastline Property Advisors are local vendor advocates – a free advocacy service available to all property sellers on the Surf Coast, Bellarine Peninsula and Geelong region.

We provide a local, personalised vendor advocate service for home sellers to oversee and manage the successful sale of one of life’s most valuable assets.

Our job is to appoint the best agent, equipped to undertake a successful marketing and sales campaign, in a timeframe that suits you.  

We hold the appointed agent accountable everyday throughout the campaign and enthusiastic from authority signing until the day of settlement.

We ensure you don’t fall prey to real estate traps and scripted jargon used by agents at their initial presentation, we meet the agents.  The ‘list and forget’ scenario is a prime example, where an agent commits you to a lengthy authority period, without being held to account.

Agents may be excited for the first few weeks of a sales campaign, only for their enthusiasm to dwindle.  We ensure the appointed agent remains excited and ambitious for the entire sales campaign.

You may have past dealings with multiple agents and cannot decide who is the best agent for you, nor wish to offend an agent.  Let us make that decision and remove that pressure.  You may be surprised to learn that a different agent is better suited to achieve the best result for you and your property.Whether you reside in the dwelling, the property is a holiday home or investment property, we handle the entire sales process from initial appraisal stage until settlement day.  As the property owner, you control how much (or how little) involvement you want in the process.

We differ to all the agent-finding portals or referral portals as we are locally based. We meet with you, we have worked in your market place, we meet and arrange the prospective proposals from the agent, we attend your property and we support you until the day of settlement.

All agents are not the same, discover the difference.


Your Advisor will meet you at the property to discuss your requirements, timeframe and expectations.

Living in the city, country Victoria, abroad or interstate? Your Advisor can coordinate access to the property (whether that be by contacting any leasing, holiday rental agency or a third party).

Free Service.

Engaging our professional vendor advocate services when selling your property does not cost you any money. We will discuss the process with you in person.

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What our Clients say about us

I have recently settled on my new property up North and I would like to comment on the superb handling of my property by Trent. His expertise and professional assistance in achieving an excellent result in a very short timeframe exceeded my expectations .Trent always conducted himself in the most pleasing manner, always keeping me fully informed of all developments during the marketing and sale of my property and perhaps best of all – no spin. Trent is a genuine person, not a scripted robot.  I do miss my daily chats with Trent on the beach.  I would firmly recommend Trent Ludlow to anyone considering selling their home on the Surf Coast. Many thanks.

D & G. Wakerie

I worked with Trent over an extended period of time on the sale of my house.  Trent was always very clear, direct and honest in his opinions and advice.  Trent provided thoughtful, realistic advice and expertise when it was required and ensures that I was properly informed throughout the process.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Trent to anyone who is considering selling their property.

C. Samon

A very sincere and heartfelt thank you to Trent for an outstanding result with the sale of our Geelong property.  You helped change our lives.  We would not be in the position today without your assistance.  Your enthusiasm, knowledge, passion and integrity around our area is outstanding.  Your communication is also exceptional.  We were guided by Trent around a year before we placed our property on the market.  We had full faith and confidence in Trent and we pleasantly surprised by selling within 2 weeks on market and at a price above our expectations. Thanks for all your efforts and support.

A. Coombes